$500 per person per day (if outside of regular hunts)

The spread of wild hogs has finally encroached on Alabama River Lodge property.  These hogs are well-known as a feral non-native species, doing damage to crops, wildlife (especially nesting turkey) and equipment. 

Our guests are beginning to see and harvest hogs on our property in greater numbers.  With 10,000 acres of mixed timber, green fields, pastures, and riverbottoms, the Lodge property provides perfect habitat for feral pigs -- unfortunately.  Check out our Hog Photos here! Hunt hogs from our usual ladder stands, or spot-and-stalk around field edges as directed by your guide.  The guides know where the hogs are feeding and traveling, and can put you in the right spot.  Hunting times are much like deer, with morning and afternoon most productive.  During down-time, relax at the lodge, or wrestle the catfish, bass, and bream in the lodge lake. A hog hunt at the Alabama River Lodge is sure to be enjoyable.