Turkey season: Mid March-April 30
$500 per person per day

Imagine, 10,000 acres of mixed timber, green fields, pastures, and meadows. Flocks with as many as 50 turkeys have been seen this winter. That can only mean one thing: A great spring!  Check out our Turkey Photos here!


Leave with your guide for a morning hunt. Your guide can call for you, help you call, or simply set you up on a gobbler. You decide. That afternoon hunt "self-guided". Spot flocks in the fields and stalk in close enough to call. Or cruise the ridges and try for a "shock gobble". If you are good enough and lucky enough, you may bag one for the record books.

Or just relax at the lodge, or wrestle the catfish, bass, and bream in the lodge lake. Either way, a spring afternoon at the Alabama River Lodge is sure to be enjoyable.