The Alabama River Lodge also offers some of the South's finest dove and quail hunting. Private hunts can be arranged for parties of ten or more hunters. Groups of 75 or more can be accommodated on spacious dove fields. Shooting is generally fast and furious.

A Typical Dove Hunt

Saturday Morning

Arrive at the lodge about 10:30. A walking tour of the lodge grounds or a stroll around the lake is a great way to warm up. Or, maybe you want to tackle some of the big catfish in the lake. Then, shoot clay targets to properly prepare for the hunt. Clays are thrown to simulate typical shots on the dove field. How many times can you shoot without a miss?

Saturday Noon

Lunch from the grill welcomes late arrivals. You are sure to enjoy our home-cooked burgers, hot dogs, and fixins – and perhaps some BBQ. Let your lunch settle while you pass a moment on our spacious front porch, complete with swings and rocking chairs.

Around 1:30, your guides will take you to the dove fields. Please remember to bring your own drinks and snacks! Also, a stool or bucket is recommended for the hopefully infrequent lulls in the action. Camo clothing is a good idea, as the birds may shy awayfrom bright solid colors.

Alabama has a generous dual season for doves, and the folks at the Alabama River Lodge do their best to keep birds in the area by planting the right crops. Millet, browntop, winter wheat, corn, and grain sorgum are preferred foodstuff for fat Alabama doves.

Saturday Evening

What could be better after a shoot than freshly prepared dove breasts? Our cooks prepare your game in the finest Southern fashion, with plenty of gravy and biscuits (hand whopped) and side dishes. If you prefer, or your game bag is a bit "light", fried chicken will be available also.

That evening you may again enjoy relaxed conversation on the spacious front porch, or retire to the den area for a relaxing chat. Or catch your favorite show on the satellite television. There is a refrigerator available in the lodge to provide ice and to chill your beverages.

Saturday Night

Turn in to the comfort of our bunks. We can sleep up to twenty-four comfortably. Additional facilities are available a short drive away at minimal cost. A light continental breakfast will be provided Sunday morning for overnight guests. Please plan to depart by 10:30 Sunday Morning.

Fee Schedule *

  • Full Service Hunt: $400 per person (Target shooting Saturday, lunch, Dove Hunt Saturday, evening meal, lodging Saturday night.)
  • Saturday Arrival w/lunch: $200 per person (Target shooting, lunch, Dove Hunt Saturday.)
  • Predator Hunting $400 per day per person semi-guided (meals and general setup information provided. Hunter must self-call.)
  • Purchase the lodge $65 million (lodge plus 2,000 acres)

* Fee Schedule Subject to Change Without Notice.