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Alabama‚Äôs Black Belt region cuts a wide swath across the south-central region of Alabama.  This fertile earth produces some of the lushest vegetation for animal and fish habitat anywhere.  At the heart of the Black Belt is the Alabama River Lodge.  Located in a large bend in the Alabama River, the Lodge is situated in an ideal location from which to launch your hunting adventure.

The most sought after game is the trophy whitetail deer and almost every Alabama deer-hunting record has come out of this region.  Our seasons are long and bag limits generous. 

Alabama ranks #1 in the nation for the largest population of Eastern wild turkey per square mile and the Black Belt region is where the elusive gobbler is plentiful. 

The migratory dove is a popular species for hunting and is most often the choice for organized youth hunting events.

So, whether you're arranging a group outing for your crew, checking off your bucket list, looking for a special place for the first father/son hunt, or family outdoor adventure, we have the place to make it a trip to remember.  

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